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Transport Collage
Prague Airport address
Praha letiště
Hůlkova 1024
197 00 Praha, Kbely
GPS: 50.1053381N, 14.2670397E

Prague main train station address
Praha hl.n. (Praha Hlavni nadrazi)
Wilsonova 300/8
110 00 Praha, Vinohrady
GPS: 50.0832000N, 14.4353475E

Car rental
There are many car rental companies in Prague, prices and service varies from company to company, here are some of the well known: – – – – – – 

From Airport to main train station and back
Car or Taxi: 18,5 km. 26- 50 min. depends on traffic.

Bus: AE (Airport Express) Every 30 minutes, approx. travel time 50 minutes.

From Prague Airport to Prague main train station
From 5:30 to 21:00.
Bus stop: Terminal 1 (exit D) or Terminal 2 (exit E)

From Prague main train station to Prague Airport
From 6:30 to 22:00.
Bus stop: Wilsonova Street right in front of the Fanta building (the old station building).

Transport maps

Prague transport system map from and to the airport
Prague metro and tram map

Travel Apps
Ten Top Travel Apps

Search transport
Search all transport on and choose english ind the bottom right corner for english.
See also Idos train map system where you can click on each station and see departures, or choose where to go from or to.
Search all trains on and choose en ind the top right corner for english.

The and only accept czech names for the search, so here are the list of names explained in english.

In Prague
Praha letiště – Prague Airport.
Praha hl.n. – Prague main train station.
Černý Most – Bus and metro station (at the northern end of the yellow metro). Busses to the north connects here.
Praha, ÚAN Florenc – Bus station, close to Prague main train station.

Popular tourist destinations in the north
Jicin center.
Turnov Terminál u ž – Turnov main bus and train station.
Malá Skála – Mala Skala center.
Liberec – Liberec, be aware that the train station and the bus terminal are two different places.
Harrachov sklárna – Harrachov center.
Rokytnice nad Jizerou nám – Rokytnice center.
Špindlerův Mlýn – Spindleruv Mlyn center.

Useful links about transport in Czech Republic

Mala Skala is in the heart of Czech Paradise, full of beautiful nature and outdoor activities.

From Prague to Mala Skala

Praha hl.n. – Prague main train station
Praha, ÚAN Florenc – Bus station close to Prague main station
Cerný Most – Bus and metro station at the northern end of the yellow metro

Monday and Tuesday
Praha hl.n. 9:25 at Mala Skala 11:30 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Tanvald
Monday to Friday
Praha hl.n. 7:20 at Mala Skala 9:28 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Tanvald
Monday to Saturday
Cerný Most 10:10 at Mala Skala 11:50 (DIRECT BUS) Direction Harrachov
Monday to Sunday
Praha, ÚAN Florenc 8:25 to Mala Skala 10:18 (DIRECT BUS) Direction Špindleruv Mlýn
Cerný Most 8:00 at Mala Skala 9:40 (DIRECT BUS) Direction Harrachov
Saturday and Sunday
Praha hl.n. 7:15 at Mala Skala 9:28 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Tanvald
Praha hl.n. 9:15 at Mala Skala 11:28 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Tanvald

From Mala Skala to Prague

Monday to Tuesday
Mala Skala 18:27 at Praha hl.n. 20:34 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Praha-Vršovice
Monday to Friday
Mala Skala 17:12 at Cerny Most 18:53 (DIRECT BUS) Direction Cerny Most
Monday to Sunday
Mala Skala 16:36 at Praha, ÚAN Florenc 18:40 (DIRECT BUS) Direction Praha, ÚAN Florenc
Wednesday to Thursday
Mala Skala 18:27 at Praha hl.n. 20:40 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Praha hl.n.
Mala Skala 18:27 at Praha hl.n. 20:54 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Praha-Vršovice
Mala Skala 17:20 at Cerny Most 18:57 (DIRECT BUS) Direction Cerny Most
Saturday to Sunday
Mala Skala 16:27 at Praha hl.n. 18:50 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Praha-Vršovice
Mala Skala 18:27 at Praha hl.n. 20:55 (DIRECT TRAIN) Direction Praha hl.n.


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