Activities in Czech Republic

This article is about all the activities you can do in Czech Republic, like sports,
sightseeing and explore the nature, and you will also get an idea of what to see of live events.
90 percent of all tourists who come to Czech Republic are only exploring Prague, but Czech Republic have so much more to offer.

Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity in Czech Republic, it’s easy and all know how to do it, and there are full of great hiking tracks throughout the whole country.
We have collected some of our favorite ones on our website, where we also offer a guide to show you the best and most beautiful tracks, and there are always some exciting stories to tell about the area and its history, and then you are sure not to miss that hidden cave, ruin or beautiful viewpoint.

Cycling and mountain biking
Cycling and mountain biking are another popular outdoor activity in the summer, you have hundreds of beautiful cycling routes throughout the country, and many professional tracks, you can check out what we have to offer within this category here.

Climbing and rappelling
Climbing and rappelling are a very popular activity and for a good reason, here you have some of the best rock climbs in the world, thanks to the many sandstone formations.
There are also some great places to do indoor climbing and ice climbing, if you are interested in such activity then we are offering a great variety on our website.

Another way to see the country site in Czech Republic is from the rivers, here you can try canoeing, kayaking and river rafting, all rivers in Czech Republic are relatively calm, so if you are looking for wild water rafting then Czech Republic might not be the place for you.
In the summer when the rivers and lakes are getting warm, it’s popular to go swimming or relax around them, and a perfect way to cool down and enjoy the nature at the same time, in some lakes there are even the possibility to go waterskiing.
To see what we have to offer of water activities please visit our website.

Other outdoor activities
There are many other things you can do in Czech Republic such as ATV 4×4, bungee jump, zip lining, paragliding, hot air balloon, horse riding, hovercraft, buggy, trikke, adventure parks, team building, survival course, segways, paintball, tour flights, helicopter tours, zorbing, archery, golf, tank drive and off road trips, something we are planning to offer in the near future.

Winter activities
There are many great places to spend the day in the winter, like skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, sledding, dog sledding and ice skating, specially in the northern part also called the Giant Mountains you will find many ski resorts, the biggest well known are Harrachov, Rokytnice and Spindleruv Mlyn, it’s not the longest slopes in Europe but they are in good condition and some of the cheapest you will find in Europe, specially on drinks and food, rental and accommodation, you can save a lot of money compare to the big well known ski resorts throughout Europe.
There are many other things you can try in the winter time such as snowtubing, tri-ski, snowbike and snowmobile.
You can check out all our winter events on our website.

Events to watch live
If you are interested in watching live events, then Czech Republic have hundreds to offer, and they are all affordable.
Icehockey is the biggest national sport in Czech Republic, and the national team is one of the best in the world, but also the national league have very high level, football is another national sport.
Motorsport: throughout the whole summer many events are organized, where the most popular are rally, motocross and speedway.
Other activities you can watch throughout the summer are longboard, cycling or mountain biking both on a track through the country site or downhill.
Winter sports: in the winter Czech Republic have also a lot to offer, specially downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and ski jump are very popular to watch, and even an event like dogsled racing can be found here.


One thought on “Activities in Czech Republic

  1. With their 4 seasons the Czech Republic seems very much like Canada as far as activities go. To do these activities in a completely new location such as this would be incredible. Absolutely amazing photos. 🙂


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