The nature in Czech Republic

Explorer the wild nature in Czech Republic.
Czech Republic are full of amazing and beautiful landscape.
Here you can experience lakes, rivers, rock formations, caves, mountains and animals, no wonder areas are known as Czech Paradise, Czech Switzerland, Giant mountains and so on, and you have the opportunity to experience it all at close range.

Czech Paradise also known as Bohemian Paradise
It is a protected landscape area located in North Bohemia, Czech Paradise is famous for its unique sandstone formations, lakes, rivers and great castles, and then it provides numerous options for hiking, climbing, rappelling, biking, canoeing, kayaking, and river rafting through the environment.
Read more about the area here.

Inside the red area you find Czech Paradise, and inside the three green areas it’s protected, it’s also there you find the most unique nature.  

National Parks within the Czech Republic. There are currently four:
– Bohemian Switzerland National Park.
– Podyji National Park.
– Sumava National Park and protected Landscape Area.
– Krkonose National Park.
Located in these parks are unique ecosystems that have not been greatly impacted or affected by human activity.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park was established in 2000, although part of the region had been a protected area as early as 1972. Located on the right side of the Elbe River, this is the youngest national park in the Czech Republic. It is home to Europe’s largest sandstone arch, which is 16m (52 ft) high and 8m (26 ft) wide as well as an ancient mountain realm that attracts climbers to the park.

czech switzerland 2

Podyji National Park is located in the South Moravian Region. Established in 1991, the park connects to the smaller Thayatal National Park in Austria. Within the borders of Podyji are near-natural forests along the Dyje River Valley. The smallest of the Czech Republic’s national parks, it covers an area of 63 square kilometres.
Podyji National

Sumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area is located in the Plzeň and South Bohemian regions along the border with Germany and Austria. Named a protected area in 1963, it became a UNESCO Biospherical Reserve in 1990 before being designated as a national park in 1991. It hosts a little-inhabited area of the Sumava Mountain range.
Sumava 2

Krkonose National Park is home to the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic. Declared a national park in 1963, Krkonose hosts many incredible sights including the Pančauský Waterfall (the highest in the Czech Republic) and Sněžka, the country’s highest mountain. Due to its incredible landscapes, the park was listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
krkonose 4


3 thoughts on “The nature in Czech Republic

  1. I do not know too much about the Czech Republic. As a person who prefers the outdoors, and exploring nature, I found this post extremely informative.
    I am so happy that there are protected areas, and was very pleasantly surprised how big an area is protected (love how you did the map)
    Thank you so much for sharing this. The pictures are really beautiful! 🙂

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